Scan Adapter for PX Photos
Product Specifications
■ works with any flatbed scanner with a glass size of 20 x 27 cm or more
■ perfectly aligns four images, lifting them slightly from the scanner glass
to avoid newton rings
■ works with SX-70/ 600/ PX format photos
Scan Adapter for PX Photos
This brand new and simple adapter allows you to make full frame scans of up to four of your SX-70 / 600 /
PX format instant photos while avoiding the dreaded Newton Rings. Works with any flatbed scanner with
a surface glass of at least 20 x 27 cm (7.9 x 10.7 "). When not in use, store the Scan Adapter in its
protective package to keep the adhesive surface free of dust.

Should dust accumulate on the adhesive to the point that images do not stick, wash gently with lukewarm
water and allow to air dry. With care, the pads will last for thousands of perfect scans!